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Voice Chat

YahElite has 2 kinds of voice chat is has the default one called YahVox and it has another one called VoxBar which is small but powerful.

YahVox (Default Voice)

  • Log in YahElite.
  • Click on the mic Mic Icon to start Voice Chat.

The YahVox box will pop up from that box you can click on the microphone button to talk right click to lock Mic down, use hand free button to put it on hands free, double click on user name to ignore them on voice.

star Video Example Tutorial star


To use VoxBar you have to make YahElite call VoxBar up instead of YahVox to do this log in YahElite and type in /renameyahvox this will bring up a window point it to the VoxBar.exe and close the window.

Now you just click the mic Mic icon to bring voice up.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have VoxBar in the YahElite folder then download it from the YahElite Site.

How to use VoxBar

  • First we need to start VoxBar so click on the Mic icon to bring VoxBar up.
  • Now we have to re size the window but we only have to do this once so you see the line just before the start of the user list left click this and drag it to the left until you can see a down arrow in the VoxBar.

OK now you will be able to see who's talking now if you click on the small down arrow and you will be able to scroll and see who's in voice you can double click a name to ignore it and double click it again to un-ignore it.

Updated: 05 March 2012

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